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About OET

OET or Occupational English Test is for professionals in the healthcare field who want to register and practice in English-speaking countries. It assesses their ability to communicate using the English language. The 12 professions for which OET is available are dentistry, dietetics, nursing, occupational therapy, medicine, optometry, pharmacy, podiatry, radiography, physiotherapy, veterinary science, and speech pathology.

The test was designed by Professor Tim McNamara during the late 1980s. The test is researched and developed on a continuous basis by Cambridge Assessment English and the Language Testing Research Centre of the University of Melbourne to ensure that it remains up to date with respect to theory and practice of English language assessment. The ownership of the test lies with the Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Trust since March 2013.

Regulatory healthcare councils and boards in Australia, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore, Ukraine, and Namibia have recognized the OET. Organizations such as universities and colleges and hospitals use the test as proof of the ability of a candidate to effectively communicate in a healthcare environment. OET is also recognized by the Home Affairs Department in Australia and the Immigration Department in New Zealand for all categories of visa applications.

Sunshine Academy in Kerala is a recognized OET Coaching Centre. We offer training to candidates who make use of our services to register and practice healthcare profession in English-speaking countries.

Different Types Of OET Tests

Listening Test

This test is to assess the candidates' ability to understand and follow health-related audio recordings such as lectures and patient consultations. There are three parts to the Listening sub-test. In total, 42 questions have to be answered.

Reading Test

In the Reading test, candidates have to read and comprehend various texts related to health topics. There will be three parts and 42 questions in total.

Writing Test

In the Writing test, candidates have to write a letter, typically a referral letter. For each healthcare profession, it will be related to the demands of the specific workplace.

Speaking Test

The Speaking test is administered individually. It involves two role-plays. The candidates assume their respective professional role in each role-play. The panelist plays the role of a patient, client, or relative of a patient.

Our Course Features

  • Group Discussion
  • Personal Attention
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Weekly Mock Tests
  • Updated Study Material
  • Library Facility